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Injury Prevention

When should my child begin to lift weights?

There are many health and fitness benefits to resistance training.  Not only does it enhance muscular strength, it improves fundamental movement skills, increases bone mineral density, improves cardiorespiratory function, helps in weight management and body composition, and reduces injury risk in sport.   Despite the established benefits of resistance training, many health care professionals, teachers, coaches and parents have been led to believe that it is inappropriate to implement at the youth level.  Probably the...
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General Promotions

2022 Alabama Speed Golf Open Interview

Check out our interview by sports anchor Jeh Jeh Pruitt with Fox 6 WBRC! We are proud to sponsor this weekend’s Alabama Speedgolf Open benefitting the Ronald McDonald House! For more information, check out
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Cash Pay Physical Therapy

Over the last several weeks I have received a number of inquiries pertaining to cash-based physical therapy, given that our clinic functions under this payment model.  For those that have asked, and for others that may be curious, let me clarify what this payment system is and what it means for you. In the most simplistic terms, a cash-based practice is one in which the clinicians do not accept insurance payments, accepting only direct payments...
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Injury Prevention

Heat-Related Illnesses in Sport

Let me state the obvious:  It is HOT outside!  REALLY HOT! This week I’ve been providing medical coverage for a local youth soccer camp.  While I do not anticipate (and certainly do not wish to see) any significant injuries, my biggest concern has been the development of a heat-related illness in an athlete. The prevention, recognition and treatment of exertional heat illnesses are major focuses of the on-field sports medicine team at all levels of...
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ACL Rehab

Blood Flow Restriction Training after ACL Reconstruction

One of the main priorities of rehabilitation after anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction is the restoration of quadriceps strength.  While there is certainly considerable pain, swelling, temporary loss of motion and reduced function associated with the surgical procedure, it has been estimated that approximately 30% of patients demonstrate quadriceps strength deficits up to 12 months after surgery, and those deficits can be as high as 30% years after the procedure.  This is important, as these...
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Baseball Injury Prevention

For Baseball Players, the Off-Season is Key for Success

The off-season is a critical time for any athlete, particularly those participating in overhead or throwing sports.  Given the progressive loads to both the neuromuscular and cognitive systems throughout the regular season, it is imperative that restoration takes place.   Specifically for baseball players, the cumulative stress on the dynamic (muscle) and static (ligament/tendon) stabilizers of both the upper and lower extremities leads to a variety of changes over the course of a competitive season. ...
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Check out the clinic!

Check out some photos of our clinic, taken by the amazingly talented Amy Dummier! Please feel free to stop in for a visit and/or to schedule an appointment for any of our services...
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