Can ACL injuries be prevented?

Can ACL injuries be prevented?
Did you know that ACL injuries account for nearly 20% of all knee injuries in youth and high school athletes?  (See here)

Did you know that while the overall incidence of ACL injury is greater in males, the relative risk of an ACL injury in females its nearly 2-8x greater? (See here)

Did you know that by simply implementing an ACL injury prevention program, you can reduce the risk of an ACL injury by 50% in all athletes?  And for female athletes, you can reduce the risk of a non-contact ACL injury by nearly 67%? (See here)

As you can imagine, there are significant financial costs associated with ACL surgery and rehabilitation.  Perhaps more importantly, however, are the effects this injury has on long-term physical and mental health.

In a recent review (See here), the authors proposed the following recommendations:

“We recommend encouraging all female athletes who engage in high-risk sports involving jumping, landing and cutting to engage in an injury prevention program to decrease their risk of non-contact ACL injury.  The intervention program should including plyometrics and strength components, as well as at least one other type (agility, balance, or stretching).  Emphasis on technique or feedback should be provided throughout the program.  Athletes should begin these programs in the pre-season and continue throughout the season.”

My advice, get started EARLY!  That time is NOW!  We offer comprehensive prevention programs that are individualized to your needs.

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