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Nate Bower, PT, DPT
APTA Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist
Be Better. Such a simple arrangement of words. Yet, these are words that define my company, my mission, and my why. Be Better. These two words have resonated with me for years. Here is the story…

I moved to Birmingham nearly ten years ago with a license in physical therapy and a dream of transforming outpatient rehabilitation practice. I was eager to learn from the top clinicians in this area and establish lasting relationships with my colleagues, patients, and families. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of therapy venues, in addition to teaching locally. It has been through these experiences that my passion for optimizing the services available to the Birmingham community lives on. I believe wholeheartedly in value-based care; that is accessible, affordable, and effective. As the oldest of four siblings, growing up in southern Minnesota, I was raised to put family first, live by your integrity, and work hard for what you want.

It is no secret that I am a strong advocate for a patient-centered delivery of care. Sadly, for nearly a decade of my career working under the corporate umbrella, this was not my experience. Patients are being offered services in a rigid, quantity based system that does not allow the clinician freedom to customize their care. You receive a script for outpatient physical therapy; arrive for appointment, work with whichever clinician is available, oftentimes alongside two or three other patients, go through a recipe routine, pay for their visit, and return for 3 VISITS PER WEEK FOR 4 WEEKS. Sound familiar?

After countless nights of returning home frustrated with my professional life, my wife finally sat me down and said, “Nate, you are better than this. You need to be better. Your patients deserve better. And you are going to show them why you are better.” That’s all the motivation I needed. Within a few weeks the idea of Be Better came to fruition.

I welcome you to Be Better, and look forward to helping you feel better today, to be better tomorrow.

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